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Linda Hansen bjóðar til bíbliutímar á enskum fyri kvinnur

Invitation to English Biblestudy for women

My name is Linda Hansen, and I am from England. I am married to Jørundur Hansen from Klaksvík where we now live. Many women from other countries now live in the Faroe Islands. For this reason in November 2017 I started an English Bible Study for foreign ladies in Klaksvík. On Wednesday September 18th at 8 pm I am planning to start a Bible Study in Hebron, Leirvík for foreigners living in Eysturoy, which will be in English. The Biblestudy will be approximately ½ hour followed by a drink and fellowship time.

If anyone has any questions my contact number is 273026.

Please let other people know.

Thank you.

Linda Kay Hansen

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